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Assault Boat Size
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The CRRC AKA the Assault Boat, can only fit 5 operators. This is unrealistic and causes an imbalance when planning missions with realistic team sizes.

Please allow up to 6 or 8 individuals to fit in the Assault Boat.

Another cool solution would be to offer CRRC in various sizes like in real life.

4 Man
6 Man
8 Man
and 12 Man versions.

Thank you,

Sean {F20841} {F20842}


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Maybe use 2 boats? I mean why be uncomfortable?

If I wanted comfort I would be playing an Air Force simulation LOL.

Well there's clearly room for more guys to snuggle up, judging from the pic. Maybe the Devs thought we are homophobes... and in my case they would be right.

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