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Vehicle headlight illumination distances and intensity falloff made worse from ALPHA to BETA
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Back in ALPHA, the vehicle headlights illuminated a greater distance forward and the light didn't suddenly vanish at a certain distance and you could actually illuminate the road ahead, instead in BETA you now see a wall of light met by complete darkness one meter further up. As a simulation enthusiast this kind of bothers me, as it isn't just unrealistic but also because it was fine in the past and actually worked very well. Why take a step backwards?

ARMA games have always simulated low light environments very well with the adaptive bit-depth simulation (you can't hack the night away completely with a gamma adjust) and having almost none-existent light fall-off radiuses with vehicle lights, this is a major setback in my opinion.


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Take a car, drive it at night and put your lights on. Kick up the gamma until you see the headlights further away, you'll see that the headlights suddenly fall-off at a certain distance instead of slowly fading away over distance (like it should do AND DID in the past).

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See the differences here

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