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Animations for getting in and out of water are very unrealistic and awkward
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When getting in our out of water the transitions in animation are really awkward and uncontrollable, you should be able to seamlessly walk in and out of water and start swimming without changing animations.

This would greatly help if getting into firefights from the sea then having to engage on land. Just about every time i die because i cant move my character fast enough.


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Step into water
Step out of water

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Also, the point at wich your avatar starts swimming right now ist kind of ridiculous, as you pretty much have to walk so far into the water that you are completely submerged while standing up. I'd expect to be abel to swim as soon as the waterline reaches the chest if not even a bit earlier, since water of that depth impedes movement so much that trying to walk instead of swimming strikes ma as a rather stupid decision.

Best we could do with time and resources we had, sorry.