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Aircraft lacking a tail rotor will still rotate without an engine off.
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Something small i noticed today, if the tail rotor is disabled and the aircraft's engine is turned off or disabled the aircraft will still spin during autorotation.

Helicopter function 101 for other people seeing this ticket:
The engine turns the blades.
The blades travel in a counter-clockwise direction, this causes clockwise torque on the aircraft (the spin to get without a tail rotor).
The tail rotor creates rightward (counter-clockwise in a sense) thrust to counteract this clockwise torque.

If the helicopter loses the tail rotor you lose anti-torque power and if you reduce/increase power in the engine this increases/reduces the blade rotation speed and in turn the torque (something simulated in A3) generated, so if you drop the power you'll feel much less torque than if at full power.

NOW the reason for my ticket is that if both the tail and the engine fails you still feel these forces.
The thing is, if the engine were to fail you wouldn't have said torque being created by the engine.

Now this is the point were you go "But random person, when you're falling the air you're falling through causes the blades to spin, that thing everyone complains about lacking in Arma 3, autorotation"

To which i reply:
You are indeed correct, in a way, but apart from autorotation being fixed in a recent patch. The speed at which the blades spin during autorotation does not cause the blades to spin fast enough to cause noticeable torque on the aircraft.

This is why in some cases the safest way to put down the aircraft during a loss of tail control is to gain forward airspeed and then autorotate to land, which currently is possible but the aircraft then tends to start spinning as the aircraft's airspeed reduces during landing (Which MUST be done due to the lack of functioning wheels...).


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Steps To Reproduce

Create trigger with the following in the 'on action'
heli setHitPointDamage ["HitVrotor, 1"];
And then set the trigger on eihter a radio or activated by the faction's heli being tested.

Place a helicopter and name it 'heli'
Set to flying.

Either fly through the trigger or activate the trigger via radio when going +150kph

Once the rotor fails, shut off the engine via the action menu.

Proceeded to autorotate to a area of land.

Note as your airspeed drops the helo will begin to lean right and finally spin quickly when at -50kph just before landing.

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Can't Confirm;
I've tryed with tail losed MH9 UH80 and PO30,none of them still spin with engine off or destoryed

I'll post a video later.

Updated ticket with repo instructions.

following you repo instructions doesn't cause it either.
maybe you just restarted your engine by Rising your collective,which I've repoeted here:
Try shut down engine completely with setHitPointDamage ["HitEngine", 1]

Forgot about this ticket.

After retrying it appear to be based on the collective.
if you hold throttle up on the way down (even with both the engine and the tail off) it will begin to spin, while if you hold Throttle down, it will begin to sway then even out before landing.