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Add IR chemlights.
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request to add IR chemlights for marking purposes.

IR chemlights IRL are only visible under night vision optics, under these optics they emit a bright glow but unlike regular chemlights they do no 'bleed' brightly onto other surfaces

Night image:

and without night vision optics they appear as a burgundy coloured tube and emit no light.

Day image:

I believe these should be added to complement the existing chemlights as useful ways for forward teams to mark landing zones or obstacles without it being noticeable to an enemy force without night vision optics and would also prove a useful way as they are currently used in the military to mark friendly units and vehicles by attaching them to helmets/vests/shirts and vehicle roofs/bonnets/antennas to identify friendly units or targets.

As it's a simple chemlight it would use the same model and a basic diffuse map of solid burgundy (rather than a mix of colour and transparent/white), a small addition to the existing config to make it a usable item and a change to the lighting it seems like a rather small but practical addition in the scheme of night fighting.


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