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Customise your clothes for you soldier in the options
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I think that you can customise the clothes from your soldier in the options, to have your own style for your soldier


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+1, ability from profile menu to not only choose our head and our voice but also our default gear.
Like this :
Or like this :

Possibility to access to this mode that allow us to select and save in multiple save slot our cloth gear and weapon including every object that we can put in our inventory, every compatible attachment in our weapon and more.
A system that look like one the in the video for the gear and also look like VAS (Vrtual Ammobox System) for other object, number of magazine and other.
2 different version, one that show and save vanilla things only and another that permit to access and to it with gear from mods.

Possibility in the editor to spawn with the saved gear we want, possibility for some mission that allow custom equipment to spawn with mission default gear or with our own selection.
Same for server, possibility for server admit to enable or disabled the custom gear save spawn and depending if it is a server that allow mods or not possibility to disabled or enabled custom gear with mods.
The solution that i describe here talk about an interface that permit to allow or mods mods, it can also do it for vanilla feature :

Way better than VAS and don't require it.
Less mods and script and more vanilla feature = better game.

i think its cool like the 2nd video

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 3:28 PM

I'm upvoting for the clothes and for the clothes only. Selecting a rifle for yourself in the options isn't a good idea. Imagine a rifleman (a regular rifleman) with and M320 LRR, a backpack with some missiles and a Titan.

@AD2001 who care ?
If FOR YOU it is not a good idea, then don't do it, it is not cause you don't like this that if mean that everyone must deal without, mainly when nothing prevent you to not use it.
For single player its your and only your choice, no one can take for decision for someone else about how we want to play and anyway with mods or pbo editing it is easy to change the default equipment of a soldier.

For multiplayer most of them use VAS, if someone want to take a regular riffleman and change it into a terminator, no one can prevent him to do so with VAS.
Even without VAS it is simple to find big weapon from dead corpse, and anyway the server admin can authorize it or not, and the restrictive mind of someone who don't allow custom riffle have great chance to match with the fact that he will not want player to have custom clothes.

More restriction we put on the game, more issue it create.
If you want we can ask for triple save :
Gear + Clothes + Weapon mods, Gear + Clothes + Weapon vanilla, Vanilla Clothes only.

You said it's okay for SP, but what if the mission maker wants you to only have a pistol or something?

And what if YOU want to NOT use only it ?
Lets people play like they want, its one of the first and the most important rule of video game, more freedom the game give to player more player like it.
Example : I don't know a lot of people that play GTA game without using cheats.
Game dev was smart enough for lets player have freedom between missing and have fun with cheat, mission maker are not a god or omniscient, they can do mistake or not balance correctly the mission anyway.
GTA Without cheat and freedom would never have known a big success...
Skyrim is another example, even mods itself that we have on Arma 3 is the example, no one is identical and think the same, and a lot of people don't match with mission marker mind or other, liberty, we already miss it in every day life, don't put less of it on video game, we play video game for having fun, do what we can't do in real life, for be free, not for be overloaded by restrictions...

If someone want to play like the mission maker want you to play, then he can, if someone don't want then he have not to be forced to it.
And anyway someone that know how to editing a mission and don't want to play like the game maker want, he can, it will basically change nothing about this, but customization can change a lot of things, even fix leak of feature from vanilla game.

Imagine if Arma was not a Sandbox, the game already have a bench of useless and finally unrealistic restrictions.

RcColes added a subscriber: RcColes.May 7 2016, 3:28 PM

I think the best option here would be to allow the mission creator to set whether you would spawn with your saved gear or not. This would allow missions that rely on the player to have specific weapons to still enforce this while still making missions that allow you unrestricted access to items faster to use and easier to create.

However, I do not think that the best use of this would be multiplayer, as it already simple to save a gear loadout with VAS, but it would be massively useful in the vanilla editor, as acquiring specific gear in the editor is difficult and time consuming, owing to the fact that the ammoboxes are incomplete and looking up the class names of weapons is a pain.

all in all, this could be very useful /upvote

Does anybody understand what the ticket is about? It's only about clothes, not all the gear.

AD2001 what is your problem ? People like you who prevent game to evolve, what you think about and what you really want ?
If you don't want Arma to change, go to play Arma 2.
I understand what the ticket is for and i don't talk about change it, i talk about improve it.

+1 RcColes anyway mission maker can choose it.

i mean this so that you can choose your gear for every team and clothing, but not the weapons.

And again this not mean that we can't have it, actually we have no way to choose what gear (not only weapon, things like chemlight, grenade, map or not, what kind of binocular and more) we want, this is not cause you don't want this that it mean that it don't have to be done, a lot of people want the possibility to choose more than clothes, and i have already several month ago talk about this in wishlist, cloth + gear + weapon + attachment.

Anyway if BIS implement this (i don't think they will anyway) and lets us able to choose what in our backpack vest and other, you can only if you want choose only the cloth and lets the rest of the gear by default.

There will be an equipment tab in the editor, will it have saving preset loadouts i dont know. Also some mod games which let you use what you want in the servers already let you save your loadouts. You seem to talk about this as if ARMA3 has some official supported Mercenery type of gamemode where everyone brings in their own gear. And i dont recall there being such a thing. Making a dead-end feature like this seems kinda pointless for me.

Total equipment (including gear, weapon and clothes) in profile for default preset when allowed and able to load/edit it from editor will be nice.
Mainly in editor, i hope we will be able to choose any object without limitation or need to use command/script line, will be useful for a lot of things, including making missions !

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