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Ability to carry cheamlight
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I suggest to add the ability to take a chemlight from the floor or from the inventory and give the possibility to attach it on the vest or keep it in the hand.


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Unlike some (and i say some) smoke grenade that have way too hot temperature to be taken, some other stay cold and same for some flare (missing thing) and chemlight that we must be able to ignite without throw, first use = ignite it and when we have it on the hand (weapon lower) we can throw it and with action menu be able to perform following things : pickup and keep it on our hand (weapon lower or no weapon) and for chemlight only (we can't do the following thing with a flare) attach it on our vest, possibility to put it inside our backpack where no one will be able to see the light and possibility to throw it again like we want and how many time we want !

G = Ignition, if we get it in our hand G again = throw (if we have another weapon it mean normal use of G)

In our hand we have 2 possibility with menu action (+ possibility to throw it with G) : Attach it in our gear, put it in our backpack to avoid someone to see it (if we take one form the ground that are at a really bad place)

If attach in our gear we have 2 possibility, if we have no weapon or weapon lower we can take it in our hands, or put in in our backpack.

If in our backpack we ave with action menu possibility to put it attached on our gear, take it in our hand if we have weapon lower or no weapon or put it on the ground by simply grad it from our backpack like another object.

If we have a chemlight in our hand and weapon lower and we put back weapon on combat position it will automatically be throw it above us or attach it to our gear (dev choice) same for smoke and flare that can't be attach, they will automatically be throw on the ground, i mean just lets it fall.

Also real life chemlight have a way longer life than the one in the game, as a civilian i can buy some that produce light like the one in Arma, probably some brighter and they can run for 24/48h, seriously increase the chemlight duration will be nice, 1 or 2 hours, and it will still way too short and a possibility for the inventory to have different icon and name :
Standard, Ignited Full (mean full luminosity), Ignited Half (half luminosity, told us when it come to half of his time duration) and Ignited Weak (will stop soon to produce light).

@xRoadField : you can take my idea if you want !

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Cool ideas, but first they have to fix the chemlight not a having a collision model (i.e. going trough walls) and their light going through walls and other objects.

I agree, but they can do both, for time management its better to do several modification at once on a single thing rather than one one day and another another day.
And thanks !

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+1, as in ACE, looks very good
and dont forget about VIP Strobe ;)

Misspelled chemlight but other than that I like it!

About VIP Strobe is a nice idea but it more an helmet mounted feature :
Check my comment 2013-07-06 02:49

+1, Chemlights (especially IR chemlights if added) would be a great IFF feature.

I agree with IR chemlight but please don't forget about helmet one !
IR chemlight is more for marking target and Helmet one is more for identification.

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