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Devastatng bug has made me lose all hope
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4 days of setting up my sniper range.. 4 nights from 5pm to midnite, i planted snipers in key locations over the firing range for my mission.

Took me forever to plant 60 sniper positions that had hard to scan locations and incredible placements using the terrain and landscape to hide and pop up.

The bug, is an editor one.... and it is a nasty fucker..... i simply ported from STABLE to DEV... (MISTAKE #1) now had a shit ton of models no longer in game. So about to release my new sniper range that was fucking amazing.. only had these stupid non existant models breaking the game..

So i go into text editor, delete the object... and reload in editor

message from editor.. FAILED TO LOAD!

my mission.sqm is now default, empty and 5 nights of my work toasted...

This was mind straining work that really just dug me into complete misery.. i literally was dieing from mental exhaustion placing these units in precise locations thougout the range... Many impossible to find cept for the experts... all via point statistical gain to enjoy

this part of game design was so grueling.. now to have lost it all as it was complete and ready for the public....

I just have lost all faith in this game... its a hacked up mess to begin with, hardly can consider this an alpha, let alone a beta. Which i seriously have no clue what you devs are trying to accomplish anymore... Seems you have no management whatsoever.

All the shit i see that is new is pointless, all this shit barely works in any aspect.... all the design has been a waste of time and annoying immersion effects... and all these new founded future shit? have you lost your mind? No you just got bored on your end... sad and pathetic..

I think i have had it... This game doesnt even know what it is anymore


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1: Makebackups of long work
-I always make backups incase i messup somthing somtimes having up to 20 different mission.sqf's in a special backup folder all date'd and noted with what i changed.
2: This is a mestake you made not the Dev's you cant simply edit text in the mission.sqf whitout knowing what you are doing.
3: Don't come on this feedback tracker and bellently spam it with why you think this is a bad game. Its beta its ment to have mestakes so the devs can work on it.
4: just makeshure in the future you preform step 1.

i forgot 5. If you're mad count to 10 so you dont come here and go raging over your mestake.

It's not a bug. You decided to make a mission on the stable branch and then copy it directly to the development branch (a.k.a. UNSTABLE) where every single update is accompanied by a change log that states things like renamed config names, and even then you decide to throw it into the development branch without even the courtesy of making a backup.

Don't blame your mistakes on a company, that can't be held responsible for your stupidity.

And this is an issue tracker, not a "OMFG, I accidentally the whole mission!" forum.

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Stop adding notes to this issue. Instead let it drown.

@MulleDK19 he upvoted his own post..
@Mitor. No we want him to suffor for what he did.

Well, he did raise some interesting points.

All this shit does barely work.

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.