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Flyinheight command not working in waypoints anymore
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When I enter an altitude in a specific waypoint, the chopper does not reach that altitude.


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Create helicopter -flying and name it "h1", create one waypoint for the chopper and put this in the on act.: "h1 flyinheight 4000"

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Confirmed. I placed a AI piloted MH-9 and set a few MOVE waypoints using "this flyinHeight X;" in the ON ACT box with various different altitudes set and used in place of the X. At the end of the waypoint routing I had a HOLD waypoint set using the same command at 1m altitude above the sea. The AI pilot would not even attempt to reach any of the prescribed altitudes. This was done with the AI pilot's skill setting maxed out on the slider bar.

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It is working again

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This might be working again for helis but 1.10 Stable doesn't like the command for fixed wing aircraft. They seem to follow the terrain, maybe 100m above it at all times.

This is not working again