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OrderGetin is not working correctly (Problem only tested with Marid & Marshall)
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Assigning a vehicle role to an AI unit in your group and then using OrderGetin, the unit will not respond.
Checking their assignedVehicle position shows the correct information.
If you ungroup the unit they will then respond and mount the vehicle in the correct position. {F20807}


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AI Control / Commanding
Steps To Reproduce

Place yourself down and one subordinated named u1.
Create an empty Marshall and name it apc1.
Preview the mission.
In the debug console type u1 assignAsTurret [apc1,[0]]; [u1] orderGetIn true;
Nothing will happen.

Checking u1's assignedVehicleRole show it has been assigned properly.

Now do [u1] join grpNull. and the unit will make a beeline for the apc and mount it properly according to assigned turret. Same thing happens if using a different assign command e.g assignAsGunner, assignAsDriver

Manuallly selecting u1 and pointing at the apc makes him load up in the assigned position which makes it look like the script command orderGetin is at fault.

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ive attached a demo mission. 2 Hunters with 2 units assignAsDriver in their init script. The one that is in your group does nothing, while the one outside player control gets into the vehicle as expected. Running the script from Debug Console has no effect either

DriverInGroup assignAsDriver HunterGroup; [DriverInGroup] orderGetIn true;