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Wounded and dying animations (with ragdoll, obviously)
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Here is an idea that I posted several times in comments, but it could easily be lost in them.

Every time you shoot a non fatal shot at a soldier he seems to just take it, and keep walking like a boss.
Sure if you are the soldier getting shot you have your screen all bloody and blurry, but if you are the shooting soldier- you hardly see any response from the one you shot at.

My suggestion is that wounded soldiers have "wounded" walking animations, because you cant just simply keep walking (and shooting too!) when you get shot in the stomach, dont you? (and if you do, you should stop playing A3 and join the friggin special forces)

One more suggestion is to have dying animations combined with the ragdolls, one game that was really good at doing it is Stranglehold (that was a barely above average game, but that was a really awesome feature). I think that only when a soldier gets a headshot he should just drop dead, anything other then that should have a 5-10 sec animation before they turn ragdoll.

Here is a video from Stranglehold showing that. Sure, its way over the top here, but a more realistic version of this in ARMA 3 would be sweet-

P.S. - this isnt a request for realistic gore or something, so its not a duplicate of the realistic wounding system request (that is pretty much all about gore)


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You were selling me on the idea until I watched the video. I expected to see something somewhat realistic. What I saw was over-the-top cartoon violence that put Max Payne to shame!

I'm gonna have to downvote, but lucky for you I'm apparently the minority.

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yeah, the video is not in favor of the suggestion, but the idea itself: Upvoted.

You both seem to miss that right before the link I wrote "way over the top". What I wanted to do was to show a game that does the whole animation\ragdoll combination. If you know a better example post a link.

Oh no, I saw it. I thought you meant "way over the top" compared to ARMA, not compared to every bad action movie ever made :)

BTW right now we have TPW fall mod (pretty awesome mod) for better bullet hit response. But I still think we need more than that.

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It is a great idea!!

Also: VBS 2 impkemented sth like an unconsciousness state when getting hit.

TPW tried to implement sth like this.

But it would be a really nice addition to have in the vanilla game!

Seems related to #7421

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Also related to #2763

I dont think they are very much related (and I opened 0002763).
The better death animation is speaking of what happens right before the soldier dies and even though mine mentions that aswell Im talking about better hit detection.
Same for the incapacitated state - the way I see it in incapacitated state you are lying down bleeding. Maybe you can crawl a bit, maybe you can fire some bullets (very unaccurately) but thats it, until a medic comes and saves your ass.

TL:DR - you dont have to be dead or incapacitated to have better hit detection