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[Feature Request] Helicopter start up procedure
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It would be cool to have an option that enables the manual start up procedure for helicopters. I found it an interesting, and immersive aspect in TOH, and would like to have this element of realism applied to helicopters in Arma 3 if possible.

I appreciate where the game has gotten to thus far. Keep up the good work.


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If they won't impliment the flight system from TKOH, and can't even bother giving us the ability to taxi then I highly doubt we will see any in depth start up.

Aint no boddy got time for that! No like seriusly Eve ndo arma is a sim i'd like to be abble to take off whitin 5 min and not an hour.

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I was suggesting they make manual start up optional, meaning you wouldn't have to do it every time if you didn't want to.

As long as a guide is included that would be nice.

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