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Wrong sea rendering when looking through some choppers' windows
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When i was testing my previous bug, i noticed this bad rendering of sea when looking through some choppers' the windows (i saw this on "KA-60" and little bird - MH-8 ?)

looks like other-newer choppers doesnt have this problem - i didnt try them all, but ghosthawk, commanche and mi-48 were ok.

Just look on attached screenshot {F20791} {F20792} {F20793} {F20794}


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  • editor
  • put chopper (little bird, or ka60) somewhere where you can see sea behind
  • look on choppa windows! :)

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I believe it's a Havoc, not a Kamov.

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wrong, it's a Hamok.

Looks like the old alpha on alpha bug but if that were the case then the ocean shouldn't be rendered at all...incidentally there is a similar bug in Arma 2 wherein if you look at an aircrafts cockpit glass, through to water below around the bank, it will cut a hole right through it.

However if you look at the water in the distance, it is there. Also able to replicate this.

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choppa name edited :D

btw i repeat i spotted this only on 2 choppers which are with us from first version of alpha :)

In that case the helicopter name you are looking for Kasatka...or Orca which ironicly translates to the same thing in Russian.

Starting helicopters are KA-60 and AH-9.

No, he's talking about the Mi-48, not the PO-30.

wUFr added a comment.Jul 12 2013, 2:39 PM

guys dont talk about choppa name thats not important in this report :D but im bored so im gona test all choppers

EDIT: Tested on all choppas and it happens on both versions of PO-30 ("ka-60") and little birds (AH-9 and MH-9). Other are ok

I really like how all of the notes here are offtopic.

wUFr added a comment.Jul 12 2013, 2:50 PM

New screenshot uploaded, now wait for devs.

  • "CLOSED" --- :)

Its glass material issues!

wUFr added a comment.Sep 14 2013, 1:11 AM

still not fixed in STABLE 1.0 but other similar are :'(

Wait a second...Kol9yn is banned? He's banned?


Praise the moderators!

Sorry for going off topic.

duplicate of 0006054