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Not sure I like the sound effects or 'firecracker-like' sound that passing shots make. They ARE accurate, but I think the odd whizzing, hissing, or buzzing sound should also be included. Maybe more variation is set to follow?


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Only if there are riccochets and tumbling in flight. Bullets do not really make that signature Hollywood sounds. You can hear a hissing sound when they pass real close subsonic.

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Yeah, you're right Predator. I remember going hunting once with my brother. He lost me and shot at a rabbit near to where I was standing. There was a clear hissing sound. Really quite loud. Ricochets and tumbling effects would be great however. And with the subsonic cracks I'd like to hear those hisses!

If there are weapons in arma that shoot bullets subsonic (maby pistols??) and they dont make a hissing sound yet it should be added at some point. Is there any confirmation that this is the case?

Since the explosions seem to have been mentioned already in a couple of other tickets, so to avoid derailing the ticket in everyones complain with something like i did i removed the post..

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

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