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Scope Cap and Scope Reflection
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Just thinking - wouldn't it be great if scopes had caps to stop them reflecting sunlight? Perhaps, if you leave a cap off a scope for a long period of time it might glint briefly in the sun - revealing your position? Obviously this need only be a feature in multiplayer. Just an idea.


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I'd say go back to BF3, but scope reflections are dealt with by so called anti reflection devices (ARD) either aftermarket honeycomb filters or DIY with nylon stockings (don't let your girl catch you running around in them!) or see-through cloth.

Would add a litte realism and diversion to the sterile looking weapons. However, this should only be used by ghillie wearing Wookies, otherwise you'd stick out of the group like a Orangutan in a bikini.

Would be as stupid as saluting in the open. Your superior will catch the next flight home in a cardboard box.

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Good note. Yes, didn't consider that. I was thinking of that anecdote from Vietnam, when that American sniper (Havecock was it?) shot that NVA sniper after having caught the glint of his scope reflecting light. Things have changed since then I guess.

This is actually still a very real problem especially for rookie snipers and lazy enemies. Would be cool IF this game had a better camouflage hiding/ambush/surprise mechanism.

+1 for this propose

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I like the idea. Its a very real occurrence. But it needs to be subtle, nothing like bf3 which is way OP. And makes counter sniping way to easy.

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