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absolut directions for spoted units
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I think it would be a good idea if you could tell your AI comrads to define the position of anything they spot with an absolut bearing like 270 degrees.
As relatives positions are often useless when you don´t know exactly how you team mate is positioned himself.
I think it shouldn´t be that hard to implement in the control menu.


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listen to the way the AI team mates tell you the position of a spotted unit

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Yep voted up. We use the 3D's : Direction distance Description:
Visual(enemy spotted but he is in a non combat mode) Contact(Enemy spoted in combat mode about to atack you -> Direction in meters (100 m, 500m half a click) -> direction (North east south west -> bearing 064).

yeah, it would be a lot more precise and you could spot the enemy yourself way faster

you CAN check the direction, in targets menu (key - 2) when commanding AIs

plus you can set easier difficulty to see enemies assumed position on the map