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Collective controls in helicopters
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I am sure this has been brought up before but in the unlikely event that it has not, I would like to address the current flight controls in regards to the collective. I use a Xbox 360 controller to fly in ArmA ( I know shame on me :P) and when I use the (normal) collective binding controls the responsiveness of the aircraft to my control inputs is very delayed and dumbed down which results an the aircraft no responding like I would want (yes I have tried adjusting the joystick sensitivity to see if that would help) and I am sure others would like. However, at the same time when using the analogue collective controls the aircraft responds pretty much exactly how I need it to with litte delay and dumbing of the inputs but because of the fact I have to constantly apply the collective input to maintain my current fly altitude it is a less desireable function for me. I am bringing this up in hopes that perhaps if it is not to difficult and is possible for you to arrange so that while using the (normal) collective key bindings that it will respond just like the analogue bindings but without having to constantly adjust my input to maintain my current altitude (i.e. to maintain a hover) that would greatly help improve my experiance and again as well as other I am sure. Thank you for you time and consideration.

Side Note: While writing the report I thought of another possible solution to my minor issue. This entailed me to apply my key bindings for my joystick to both the (normal) collective bindings and the analogue collective bindings and so far this has resolved my issues all together. While the aircraft from time to time will want to drop rapidly when making landings, this I can live with and like because it actually is realistic since this happens to helicopters in real life. So if others complain about the helicopters responsiveness to inputs in regards and gaining an losing altitude might I suggest recommending this solution to them and I will spread the word as well. Again, thank you for you time even though the original report proved pointless. Thanks for an awesome game and I am looking forward to whats to come!


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Use a normal joystick. IDK but PS3 contrlllers Xbox 360 controllers are not working properly in A3. Joystick on the otherhand is perfect.

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