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I'd like to see more team involvement.
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like maybe something along the lines of boosting an ally over a fence, or some spotter/sniper marking system. Like maybe to have the spotter call out an enemy position to the sniper and the enemy be outlined in red for the sniper. Perhaps maybe a callout system for one team member to alert other team mates of supplies, where the supplies would be highlighted on screen of other team members in range.
(And maybe just for fun, some interactions like high fives and the likes) {F20781} {F20782}


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Currently working on some mock-ups of the callout system I mentioned.

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i though it was already there, put one of your team in certain position, tell him to prone, tell him to hold fire and watch for certain place, he will tell you the enemies, and if you want to, tell him to attack certain obj.

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Do you think, this is realistic?!
There is an ingamevoicechat that allows you to communicate.
In my own opinion: If you want marked enemies, buy Battlefield 4.
If BIS introduces marking I will stop playing ARMA.

Yo what is this? some kind of troll? Like seriously people stop turning this game in the new battlefield... If you want sniper spotting systems that outline enemy's go play cod or battlefield. Also I must agree on the Boosting people over walls but there already has been a post about this.


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The idea of more teamwork is good but the highlight system isn't
If you to want that then use a laser and a NV/Thermal scope

Exactly. Could you i beg you. Plz change the post to instead of highlighting enemies and objects. To using thermal. The bounding thing is good. But highlighting NO.

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No highlighting, no, bad.

It voids any camoflage attempts for one, it also detracts from the skill of the player even in co communication. You're talking to a sniper, detailing to him where the target is, he is looking for it..can he see it? It requires far more teamwork to hone in on that target than to say "Look for the red highlight" and done.

Exactly. I mean all you need is a guy with some binocs smasshing the spot button revealing all targets for someone to shoot. Would ruin the game so deep.

have shader for that - YES, integrate some similar shit - NO

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