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Can see ACO/CCO/Red Dot sight artificial collimation/parallax thingy
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I've seen this artificial collimation "shadow" against the sky for these weapon sights several times while playing, and it greatly breaks immersion. So far it's been impossible to see while looking at the ground, but becomes very noticeable while looking around in the sky. The result is the same across several different gamma and brightness settings, which leads me to believe that it isn't related (and I've correctly set them anyways so "Correct" is visible, and "Wrong" is not). {F20775} {F20776} {F20777} {F20778} {F20779} {F20780}


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Put an ACO sight on any weapon, aim at the sky during the day NOT looking down the sight, and look for a shadow of sorts, which is the artificial collimation, in the area between the center of the screen and the ACO sight on the weapon. May involve changing the time of day (most of the showcases are around dawn or dusk, not sure about mid-day), some moving around, aiming higher or lower, or rotating the character to see the shadow more clearly.

Also, I've seen the same thing on both my old TN panel monitor as well as my brand new IPS monitor with 32 bit color depth. I did have backlight brightness for both monitors maxed out, so that might make it more noticeable.

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Suggest modifying how the artificial collimation is rendered, either by making it truly invisible, or by not rendering the "box" for it when not aiming down the sight.

In the third link or the third attached image below (artificial collimation 2.png), the artificial collimation shadow stops just before the sight (circled), so I believe that it would be possible to just make them completely invisible.

EDIT: added to the attached files are two images with their color channels modified to highly exaggerate the shadow of the artificial collimation, and two false color images with just swapped color channels to partially exaggerate it while keeping the image quality and colors intact.

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I cant see anything.

One sec, let me make a false color image or something so it can be seen better.

I'd never have noticed that, guess your monitor/settings must be just the right kind of specific. Still it looks like an easy fix; just changing the opacity of that geometry while not aimed down the sight.

Also, that's an ingenious solution for simulating the reticule, I had assumed that it was drawn as a kind of post-process.

A nit pick about the terminology; I these sights would be correctly defined as reflector sights, not collimator. Simply referring to them as "CCO" in the title will help the developer understand what you are referring to better by using their own jargon.

@machineabuse, it's happened to me across two different monitors, one less bright than the other (but both still cranked up to max brightness lol), and it was noticeable on both. It's also not noticeable in most situations, the lighting in game has to be just right, and even then it's only visible due to moving around while aiming at the sky; standing still staring at the sky makes it a bit harder to see (since your eyes just blend it in to the sky).

I also thought it was a clever way to simulate the reticule being much further out with parallax, props to the devs for doing that to give us an amazing sim!

Lastly, thanks for the suggestion! I shall add that to the title; however, collimation is still a good term for it, even if it's not specified as a collimator sight. The light has to travel in a straight line for it to reach your eyes with an apparently distant parallax, whether it simulates it by reflecting it several times, or by actually collimating the light, so it still matches the definition. Besides, I'm sure with the devs seeing "parallax" and "red dot sight" in the same title, they'd still get the picture.

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