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Broken Glass Texture Glitch
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When viewing a user texture object through a broken window, the user texture object appears IN FRONT of the remaining glass, instead of behind it. {F20768}


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Steps To Reproduce

Place a custom user texture (5m or 10m) somewhere behind a window. Shoot out that window and then look at the texture: it will appear in front of the glass.

Additional Information

Although it's hard to make out the problem in the attached image, it is far more evident in-game, when you're moving.

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Look carefully at the picture - you can see the image on the rear wall is in front of the jagged glass.

I think it's that the engine doesn't know which image to render first. Not sure if there's anything that can be done really?

Can you please make the flickering texture a different ticket and edit it out of this one?

Done: the flickering texture is now 0012576

Now it's fixed (dev ver.0.77.108906)

Mass closing resolved tickets from last month.