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Terrain "depth??" issues, not only mountains etc conflicting with models
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Better shown in the below screenshot, this is happening world wide.
Models sink into ground, in this picture below, not a single model out of 12 randomly placed, adhered to the top of terrain, all have minor to massive submersion.


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more closely looked upon with a trained eye, trees and bushes are engulfed, all through the lands

What Terrain setting Do you use? More faces are beeing renderd on higher settings if you have low settings objects can float over ground or might even think into the ground.

never seen a game where objects sink due to terrain settings... it aint minor... when 3/4 height of massive trees are submerged i seriously don't think its the clients issue

Screenshot is taken on standard settings.

Most Games are not Arma ...

Maby try to make a series of pictures with different terrain setting. I have seen that also on occasion where you look at things mostly more far way .. like i said floating stone, trees, objects.

Are the trees also submerged if you are at the location? If you look at objects far away it might be due to safing faces at longer distances from the viewer. If you look through a scrope and the number of faces are not increased where you looking at it might give the effect of thinking trees.

Could be fixed if there would be some algorithem that takes your view area or fov into count and increases the faces of your landscape accordingly..maby that would help

Hello Kumeda, I am reporting a bug, for some reason you are trying to rationalize the bug as if its okay and objecting an opinion that it is too bad I am in a lower setting?

This is not normal behavior and can not exist in a game. Thanks for understanding and leaving the topic and bug be as it is.

Im not playing this problem down. Im trying to figure out what this might caused by... I would not do that if your report ticket would not be so vague to begin with! First nobody knows what settings you use -> nobdy knows if this is setting related as you havent giving any feedback on that yet
Second nobody knows where you notcied that-> you did just say world wide and this makes it hard to reproduce
Third consider the possibility that your problem isnt apparent for everyone .. as you dont give steps to reproduce nor give some proper feedback (instead takeing something said out of context) this is espacially cruical if you have bug/grafical glitch as this can be caused by many things...

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Probable duplicate of #8415

Both floating and sinking objects are caused by reduction in the detail of the terrain mesh over distance.
Where a concave vertex is omitted, objects near that vertex sink.
Where a convex vertex is omitted, objects near that vertex float.