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'Force' prone position
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You should be able to 'hit the dirt' at any time. You may be in a menu, reloading etc - you shouldn't have to wait for animations to finish or have to click the UI beforehand. Obviously this leaves implications depending on the scenerio, do you drop your magazine to the ground if you are reloading for example. The notion is to make it easier and more responsive for the player if they need to hit the ground fast.


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+1, but always a problem with OFP and the Arma Series - animations are linked together by transitions (most of them), which causes that stupid behaviour sometimes, like when you try standing up with launcher in hands which can be seen in EVERY game since OFP - "Kneel -> put launcher on back, take rifle out, stand up, put rifle away, pull launcher out again", which your character does automatic, because -> transitions == messed up.

Its just that there are more transitions and conditional transitions needed to allow for a more liquid transfer.

Like in arma 2.. Z prone x crouch c normal stance. much better then arma where you have to pres 10 buttons to lay down and 20 to get up.

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