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No way to close context menu on a X360 controller
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I find myself using my controller more than M/KB for flying, because it's so much easier, but there's an issue that could easily be fixed with a simple key map.

When you open the context menu with your mouse (scroll wheel), you can quickly close out of it by pressing BACKSPACE.

Well on the controller, there is no way to close out of the context menu, so we have to wait however long for it to auto close. It's a minor annoyance if we press one of the 3 unnecessary buttons that open the context menu.

I think binding B to close the context menu will solve the issue and make using the controller that much more friendly!


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I'm pretty sure that pressing left on the D-Pad of the X360 controller closes the context menu imediatly, but being able to configure the controller instead of having to use the predefined sheme woud sure be nice.

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