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Request for a better command system/menu that opens up 1234... keys to use.
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Some games like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Counter Strike have those "quick chat" menus that opens up from one key. Then you can navigate through them with your number keys 1234... That is shown in the picture. In Arma the commanding works almost like this except it reserves those number keys only for commanding and doesn't leave them for example weapon choice keys. In those two earlier mentioned games you can choose your weapons with number keys but you can't do that of course when you're in "quick chat" but why would you even need to do that then?

So I'm requesting that Arma 3's command system should be made in a same way as in those mentioned games to release 9 more keys to use! This would be in my opinion huge improvement. One key to release nine more keys and bringing Arma 3 more near other familiar fps and that way more accessible isn't bad trade off. In my opinion there isn't any downside in this idea. {F20748} {F20749} {F20750} {F20751} {F20752}


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Press any of 1234567890 and it already brings command menus and there's no category to see what is under 5 for example before you press it so newbies have to cycle through all of them.

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An example from Wolfenstein: ET

V - 2 - 1
Quick Chat - Request - I need a Medic!

Pressing V brings quick chat menu that has 1...0 then opens up another 1...0 from one of the keys and if necessary even more. Sounds familiar? Basically there won't be any difference from Arma games.

So in Arma it would be like this:

F2, F4 - Command_key - 7 - 8
Unit selecting (F-keys) - Command_key - Combat Mode - Go Prone

Bohemia has already grouped 1..0 keys to:

  1. Move
  2. Target
  3. Engage
  4. Mount
  5. Status
  6. Action
  7. Combat Mode
  8. Formation
  9. Assing
  10. Reply

So watch the third picture. ( This comes when you press F-keys like normally and this isn't going to change that. Then watch the fourth picture ( to see when you press Command_key.

That fifth picture ( shows what is under 7. Combat Mode in Arma. I accidentally paint edited it even though the same menu is in Arma already...

  1. Stealth
  2. Combat
  3. Aware
  4. Relax
  5. Stand Up
  6. Stay Crouched
  7. Go Prone
  8. Copy My Stance

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Doesn't it currently work like this?

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Basically yes except we can't use 1...0 keys for anything else except commanding. This would free them for other use when you don't use commanding.

this is a very good idea. funny that nobody thought of it before.
the freed number keys could be used for changing weapons as infantry or for changing throttle in aircrafts in absolute numbers (1 = 10%, 2 = 20%, 3 = 30% etc)

+1, very good idea.

Problem is, the current system is taken 100%ly of OFP (2001), and was only extremely slightly changed for Arma 1 and Arma 2.

Now try to get Lazyhemia to change something they didnt even bother thinking about changing since 2001... Looking at the current situation, makes me wonder if they actually read any posts that arent "popular", some posters must've bribed the devs, since so far, I havent seen anybody commenting/implementing the REALLY good changes. Only thing we get is stupid "stance indicators", f*ck yeah. But what about the REALLY GOOD suggestions?

Ah I remember, it has to do with not trying to work too much...

Yes I'm afraid this suggestion isn't really that simple to do because they need to do command GUI bit differently and it may take some rewriting also. But I really hope that BIS listens because this is the solution to release upper number keys for use of weapon swapping and that way we don't even need weapons and maybe magazines in the annoying scroll menu that is already pumped up.

And please comment if you down vote or otherwise I'm just assuming that you down vote because I mentioned CS and Wolfenstein and I just laugh because you got no idea what this can do.

We have VON ts and ACRE for this.

Trying to explain better update.

@Raoul1234 We don't have VON or ACRE for this. This has nothing to do with them. This is AI Commanding! Or how you can command AI with VON or ACRE?

Maybe I should explain even better.

AI does this by default. WHen some teamm8 is shot(AI) select the AI medic by hitting F1 to F11 (F12 to switch to next group if you have an entire platoon F12 again to switch back) then scroll over the injured soldier and click HEAL......
As most of the time AI will actually do this themself. If your injured the medic again and say heal team leader if you are team leader. IF AI is in command AI commander wil order the corpsman/medic to heal the injured unit. SO by default AI is set to do this automatically. and the actions to do this are quite easy.

Oh Raoul, you fool, once again fail to understand what exactly he means.

It would be friggin awesome to get rid of that ridiculous action menu that is stuck in the bottom right since OFP (from 2001!) - trust me, I know - the command menu has not changed, only 2 more menu options were added, the structure is fubar and clunky ever since.

How often I wished for just using the "Interaction" Button to quickly get in/out of a vehicle, access gear, switch weapons, but NO, Bohemia are like "Fck you!", and force you to scroll through 60 menu entries until you reach the option "Get in Vehicle".

Nobody apparently played on maps with special options on vehicles, like sandbag fortifications, or "Load injured player into vehicle", or "Drop Ammobox" - all I'm saying is, free up more keys so we can actually use the keyboard.

Since OFP, I'm able to play this game using only half of my keyboard - almost all the default buttons are assigned with bullshit, like "Show Hint" or "Action Menu Up-Down" or "Change Channel", "Switch Weapon", etc.

Just allow us to switch weapons like in EVERY game, the good old days of clunky scroll menus are over, if I'd want to play that, I can go to Arma 1 or OFP, because Arma 2 and 3 are only better graphics, the GUI and command system is only slightly changed.

GUI and command interface overhaul, engage! ASAP, you lazy bums!


This could replace even that in the same kind of menu what BI has now in those 1..0 numbers but this isn't really needed to replace the menu that opens when you hit F-keys.

@St.Jimmy not talking to you in note above. But yes i understand the frustration it brings 20 keys to command 4 units around the field when it can be easyer. But i must say this is one of thoes requests that make it a bit tooo easyy. Maybey bis needs to like implement this on the same keys as they are using now only map the keys more logic.
1 for Moving (take cover, doubletime,tripple time, crouch,walk enc
2 for formations and stance(Formation collem enc and you know stealth aware open fire enc
and so on just to give an example. Instad of having to press F2 1 6 9 to tell a guy that he needs to move left..


This isn't changing any key bindings. Only gives you one more key to press for more simple GUI

Maybey you should make an simple paint example :P Using arma's current commands and mapping them in a menu like you describe.

Yeah Raoul I apolergize mate,. I got myself on the wrong foot there.

No more ranting and spamming.

this one doesnt count as spam!

Hey B'hemia, Feature request 67890.667 - add a Message system for the feedback forum so ppl can comm without spamming :P

Wats that xD and no prob i have thoes rage moments also all you need is some one that backfires it at you :P

OK I upload Arma 3 examples how this is done in a couple minutes. Using my mad Paint skills.

Hahah lol. I'l try to create somthing with the ingame arma editor as -prebuild mod example.

Exactly what i mean: Hear is an idea.

Still use F1 to F11 to select the different Menu's like movement, combat, vehicle, miscs, enc TO seletc the menu you want and 1 to 0 for the action SO:
F11 for support -> 1 for air suport -> 1 to 4 for type of Airsuport ->3 for CAS 1 to 4 for type so: ->4 for RA 88 helicopter.
For unit commanding somthing like:
F1 (movement) -> 1 to 7 (Move,getin,takecover,seekanddestroy, enc) so we pick -> 1 (Moveto) then new screen pops up with speed( 1=walking, 2=Jogging, 3 tactical pase, 4=Running, 5=Get to tha choppa speed)

And using 1 to 0 before pressing F1 to F11 selects a unit. Using + and - to go to next 10 units or back to previous 10 units.

SO this would give you like
F11=Support -> 1 Extraction -> 3=Littlebird -> (maybey) SPeed -> 3 (1 slow 2 normal 3 fast)

And then in the bottom a small windows giving ETA, If succes with calling in or failed and reason if its failed.

Also reason i prefer F1 keys and 1 to 0 is bc the rest has been bound to somthing......

It's just better to keep command options on number keys and unit selecting in F keys because that would mess everyone that has used to command we have now.
Key that opens an GUI where you can navigate numbers let you use those numbers in other things when not commanding. Now when you press for example 3 it opens Engage page already. So you can't with this old system to bind 3 key for example Select Primary Weapon without popping Engage page.

Ahh well i can agree with that. So what about my system only witched around? using onnly 1 to 0 for selections and for unit you just press F1 to F11 and it will change the menu.

St. Jimmy, perhaps you should just write:
"when not commanding the number keys should be free for mapping anything on them. only when you press a special command button or when you select team-member with the F keys (F1,F2;F3...), the number keys should work for navigating the command menu, like it is now."

it is a little, good feature. but surprisingly hard to describe;)

Im just gona make a graph descriing what you think what i think and put it in some nice feedly paint skill thingies xD

Lol i get over 50 mails a night all from feedback. Thats why i move them in a different folder in my mail. So i can check them when i wake up..

But...look at the kittens.

I cant my head will explode..

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It should actually be ** not [] for what you said.

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If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.

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