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GPS display has to be re-opened after using scope
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When I have the GPS display up (ctrl+M), if I bring a scope up, it disappears and doesn't reappear after done using the scope. I realise the GPS display should disappear when using the scope but it should reappear when I am done using the scope and I shouldn't have to be constantly using Ctrl+M to bring it back up.


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Ingame UI
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip GPS and scoped weapon
  2. Press Ctrl+M to bring up GPS display in bottom right corner
  3. Right click to bring up scope
  4. GPS display in bottom right corner disappears (as it should)
  5. Right click again to stop using scope
  6. GPS display does not reappear - have to push Ctrl+M to bring it back up after using scope

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same with the watch as far as i remember

I like that is like that, you can't look at a GPS and aim down the sights at the same time effectively in real life either.

FrankDaTank: That's the not the issue. The issue is that you have to reopen them yourself.

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Perhaps it should automatically bring the GPS back up upon leaving sights mode.

@MulleDK19: You should train to memorize the path instead. If you can't make a step without GPS, suffer from turning it on manually after looking through scope. I either shoot or I am on the move, so I really don't see the point.


The GPS isn't only a navigation device. It has other useful properties such as it gives you immediate directional bearing. This is useful in all situations, in a firefight maybe I would like to call out the direction/bearing immediately to my squad members instead of bringing up the compass (it occupying the center portion of my screen) and depending on whether or not I'm turning/moving waiting for it to orient itself.

Additionally when on foot with the GPS out grid squares are 100m, you could call you to your squad mates moving north through grid xxxxxxxx.