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Character gets too tired too fast from sprinting
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Animation of screen going blurry is annoying when you want to hold down shift to sprint to indicate that the player is tired. I should not get the annoying blurry screen after trying to sprint for more than 4 seconds. Not only does it not make it not fun to always have to stop/prone to catch breath, but lets be honest, these military guys in real life can sprint more than 5 seconds w/out getting tired as hell.

The animation for tiring blur is also annoying. At least make the blur take in effect of sprinting for more than 5 minutes( with a minute rest). The island is huge and not having vehicles will leave you running for hours on.


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Hold down shift till screen gets annoyingly blurry.

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  1. Duplicate of tons of others
  1. Can not replicate, all tests I've done show the fatigue system is pretty solid. Sprinting 200m without gear takes 30s with moderate fatigue, it isn't a staggering time, but then again soldiers do not train specifically on 200m sprint.

3)"At least make the blur take in effect of sprinting for more than 5 minutes"
Sprinting for 5 minutes sounds next to impossible (I know I'm not able to do it and know no one personally who can), let alone with combat gear.

  1. As for the blur, I agree it can be annoying. I like the idea that if you're tired you perceive less accurate, but since some people report sickness and headaches due to the blur, I'd remove it.

Dupe of #7979 or #8909.