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Remove "x" default keybind for vehicle turn out
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Using dev build 0.71.107360, controls for vehicle turn out action have two default keybinds, x and c. There is no need for the x bind, and it conflicts with the default bind for handbrake. I suggest removing the x bind from the default control set for turn out.

This keybind conflict results in player always turning out as driver of Marshall APC when handbrake is applied.


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Oh, so that explains why my guy kept popping out when I tried to slow down. Was annoying as fuck.

OMAC added a comment.Jul 30 2013, 3:56 AM

Using dev build 0.75.108296, it looks like the default keybind (A3 preset) for turn out is now just "C," so I guess this issue is moot. :)

This issue can be fixed by 10 seconds.

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