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Selected grenade reset, after entering and exiting vehicle
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After you choose what you want to throw (switch from HE grenade to chemlight, for example), then ride to somewhere, and after you throw chemlight (as you select it before), you will thrown... HE grenade (or first picked up grenade). That's very strange and uncomfortable to switch/checking grenade every time before you want to thrown it is.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Take HE grenade
  2. Take chemlight
  3. Switch to chemlight (LCTRL+G)
  4. Enter vehicle
  5. Exit vehicle
  6. Throw chemlight
  7. You will thrown HE grenade

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The firemode (Semi, Full) is also resetted.

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Good for us scope mode didn't resetting...

Yes, and you can switch the scope mode anytime, hidden in background. While running, crouching or whatever.

Yeap, as in ArmA 2

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