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Abnormal behaviour after Speedboat water friction tweak (01-07-2013. Exe rev. 107150)
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Seems like after one of the dev builds the Speedboat wasn't working as expected. Mainly, when you rocked the boat left and right in a constant motion it created this strange stance where it seems to lifting off from the water surface. I firmly believe this is caused by a tweak in the Speedboat's water friction at dev build 107150 (01-07-2013).

I've demonstrated this in two YouTube videos. One being from the stable beta version 0.70 and one being the dev build 0.71.107360. (Dev build) (Beta)


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

-Create a Speedboat in Mission Editor
-Play as Driver
-Drive fast forward and rock the Speedboat left and right in a constant motion

Additional Information

Skip to 1:45 on "ArmA 3 0.71.107360 (Dev) - Speedboat test" for Speedboat rock test.

Skip to 1:25 on "ArmA 3 0.70 (Beta) - Speedboat test" for Speedboat rock test.

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Confirmed repro.

Changed from 'game version' beta dev to beta, as it's still appears in 0.72.

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well.. it looks pretty awesome. ;)

I also posted this earlier this month and they said it was quite realistic. MY ASS im part of the Royal Australian navy and i can tell you that its not i deal with these types of boats everyday, this is NOT realistic plus the boats turn to fast also if you hold the key it turns and basically does a 180* turn in about 3 meters in real life it takes time for the jets to turn to full lock this really needs to be addressed

best Regards,
XO, John Williams

Also if your wondering why I'm viewing this very old feedback. It is because I just want to contribute.