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Cant aim through scope while lying (left/right/full down)
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While lying down (full down: ctrl+s all the way, and lying sideways: ctrl+A/D from prone) we can no longer press right mouse to aim through the scopes. It worked fine before.


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Editor, place unit, go prone, from prone use ctrl+A/D/S, and try to click right mouse button to bring weapon optics up. Nothing happens.

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Did people miss that we could lie down on our side and use the optics before? Its gone now and it doesn't seem to bother people. However getting that useless stance indicator was really important...

In this stance (and the full down "Z+ctrl-S"):

While in lying stance as seen above you could aim like this before:

Just to clear it all. Aiming through optics while lying down to the sides is gone. I know a lot of people didn't even know we could do that, but we could, and its gone. Hoping it comes back as it feels mighty weird lying like that and not being able to look through the scope.

While lying on the side it should be possible to lok through the scope. The above picture shows it quite well that its possible to do.

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yes that was nice! bring it back!

Is this coming back? It was working for a while and then stopped working so we dont know if its "as designed" or if its a bug.

To make it the best way would be to allow iron sight and non magnified optics while lying left/right, but not allow magnified ones. Or just bring it back as it was before and allow it all.

These stances were useful before but now when you cant aim your weapon they are rarely used.

And ive tested this myself. It works in real life. Downvoters i guess never held a weapon.