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Biggest Arma Pet Peeve Must be Fixed - Alt Weapon Load Cycle.
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The most annoying thing in Arma still exists today with no apparent reason..
Everyone and their mother has the complaint Arma is clunky, and this is
the number one clunky feature and it still exists to date...

If there is a reason other than trying to save my life, please state it nicely in a reply. Because this feature is so annoying, you literally risk throwing your mouse thru your monitor from the result..

Why on earth, simply because you pick up a weapon out of a crate or whatever, does it AUTO load your pistol because you have no ammo yet?

Is this an option that can be toggled that I am missing?

Please don't let computer functions choose for me. You are guessing on what I want and your ratio of guessing is 0%. I don't need to wait for a ridiculous animation cycle, to go back thru another animation cycle just when i get a weapon out..

In game, if you make the mistake of pre clicking your next movement and 3 cycles later your alt-f fucking 4ing the shit out of your keyboard in a rage...

Thanks for your time. The intensity level of my post is more for dramatic experience and i'm not in anger.. (at least ATM) I just trying to seriously get a clue why this exists? and how to hack the binary to remove this ridiculous automated animation system that drives players insane.


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pretty sure this is more a bug than a feature, but automatic weapon switching in general is a feature that is worthless in my opinion, especially in arma.

My list 1. Terrible unrealistic recoil

  1. not enough dust kick from vehicles and ammunition
  2. Dirty scope with to much reflection
  3. Pistol switch from ammo (esp for quick respawns)
  4. Visibility on NVG is to long and not enough dark contrast.
  5. No ballistic effect from wind etc
  6. AI have super aim and awareness

If they fix all of these things. I WOULD BE SOOOOO HAPPY...

Upvoted for the topic, sry for rant.

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Yes this is quite frustrating when you have a gun ship about to swoop you and your character is too busy reloading the AA launcher you just picked up then GTFO of there.

A dirty scope is unreasonable as you are unable to clean it.

And the AI aim and awareness is up to the mission designer to determine, it's very simple to edit it to be more suppressive than deadly. But really you should be in hard, bullet stopping cover before you sit still and return fire.

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My biggest pet peeve: people not searching before posting.