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Ability to load our own face image.
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Related to this ticket 6739, but not the same!

I think it would be nice to be able to load our own face as a JPG file,
it will compliment a custom face maker very much and will be the final
thing to make your own character stand out.

It would be great for clans, city life, etc etc... {F20708}


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This should have a very basic UI screen where you place the image.
it has very simple guide and rules of how to take your picture to unsure
level of quality is maintained.

This is very easy to do and I think it will be a nice feature.

Also, face detection is a cheap process today, and can be implemented
to avoid people uploading non facial images.
It can also alert if the image is not placed correctly inside the masked area.
This can maintain a decent quality of faces across the servers.

The attached image show a fairly complicated UI, the UI itself can be much simpler since it won't take into account the ears and the shape of the head.
only the eyes nose and mouth location, not mesh shape.
Also one frontal image should be enough, there is no need to side images.

Game Face, a similar feature used in EA fifa 2013:

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Are you sure it's easy to do? Doesn't the face have to be a 3D model?

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Yes, it's fairly easy to do, you just need to place an image on the frontal
view and mask it around with some feathering.

The only downside is that the eyes, mouth and nose location of the image
won't be matched to the mesh eyes, mouth and nose locations.
and skin color also won't match to the rest of the head.

However This would not be a problem if they implement the request on ticket 6739
since you could move the mesh eyes, mouth and nose around to match the image,
and set the skin tone to the rest of the head mesh.

All in all it's very possible, and is not such a problem to do.
They just need to be willing to do it.

Regarding face detection, it might be too costly for them, i don't know (though i don't think so),
but that is only to make sure people won't upload unworthy images.
Face detection can be even implemented into Jquery code:

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Here is game face working in Fifa 2013

From what I heard BF4 will be using gameface also, though I might be wrong.

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