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BIS_fnc_MP doesn't execute on given player ID.
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The function does not execute at all when I send it to a client on my server.


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Steps To Reproduce

[[[_vehicle] ,"vehicleAddAction.sqf"], "BIS_fnc_execVM", _id, false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;

Nothing happens.

But when I have:
[[[_vehicle] ,"vehicleAddAction.sqf"], "BIS_fnc_execVM"] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;

It works.

The script where I am running it looks like this.

_uid = _this select 0;
_id = _this select 1;
_name = _this select 2;

_locName = (_x select 0);
_locName = toLower([_locName, " ", ""] call ED_strings_replace);
_locName = [_locName, "-", ""] call ED_strings_replace;
call compile format["%2 publicVariableClient ""%1"";
", _locName, _id];
} foreach RespawnLocations;

[[[_x] ,"vehicleAddAction.sqf"], "BIS_fnc_execVM", _id, false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;
} foreach VehicleTrackArray; //An array containing vehicle objects

Additional Information

I need it for JIP scripting.

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In your example, what's in _id variable?

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Seems like I looked at the wrong feature for the error. The player ID returns 5.3...+e4(some weird number). I guess that's what was wrong actually.

I suggest to ask in the official forum (, maybe somebody encountered the same scripting problem you have before.

Closing here, BIS_fnc_MP works as intended.