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Turned-in AMV driver and passengers can't be killed through the armor like the gunner, nor can the Marid crew
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The AMV-7's APFSDS rounds are strong enough to penetrate armor, but they can't hit targets inside closed vehicles due to there not being any crew proxies unless they turn out, with the exception of the gunner. Same with passengers.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a player-controllable AMV-7 Marshall in editor
  1. Place two other AMV-7s, crewed. One with a "safe" waypoint (so they turn out) and another without
  1. Switch to APFSDS rounds
  1. Shoot the crew in the vulnerable AMV-7 through the armor (not a direct hit)

Result: APFSDS round goes right through the weak armor, both crewmen die

  1. Shoot the crew in the tank, again through the armor and in the same spots as before

Result: APFSDS round goes right through again, but only the gunner dies. Eventually the driver will get out due to damage, unscathed

(Additional) 6. Fill up the passenger compartment and shoot in both cases. None of the passengers will take damage, as they don't "exist" outside of the vehicle, even though the round is supposed to fully penetrate the AMV-7's armor.

Additional Information

The MSE-3 Marid has a similar issue, none of the crew can be hit by outside sources even though the passengers can. Tank shots to be lethal to all crew inside vehicles in cases where the armor doesn't deflect the shot (by being at a steep angle or being thick enough to absorb the impact)

Additionally, tanks added in the full release should be tuned to follow the same rules. A clear shot through any of the crew inside a MBT, even if rare, should kill the people inside, which would add some depth to tank combat in ARMA as angling the armor against an attacker would be an effective way to increase crew survivality.

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Note: I changed the title a bit to cause less confusion, the issue reported is still the same.

Fixed as tested in the dev branch. Most of the crew is killable through the armor now.