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Ability to pickup bodies to hide them example for sniper mission were you have roling patrols
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Please may we have an ability to pickup bodies after we have killed them so we can carry them and hide them away like sniper missions were sniper or spec ops have no choice but to kill but does not want any patrols to find body or all hell breaks loose (but not like the old games were it sank the body into the ground) still have dead bodies but we can pick them up and hide them anywhere we can to complete missions


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Of course a very nice feature to be added!

*btw can vote too FYI

Hmm.. Kinda going splintercell with this. but i gues its reasonable. BTW in A2 with ACE2 you could drag bodies. since humans are heavy it would come down u'd be carrying over 100KG of weight (gear and body) so.

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