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[Feature-request] 3D mini-editor for animation creating / tweaking
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With the latest upgrades to animations like get in/get out of some of the vehicles, it would be great if modders could tweak vanilla animations tailoring them to their own projects like static/armor/cars/aircraft etc.

There could be several points for the body, arms, legs, hands, feet - so XYZ position of these points could be tweaked in 3D without possibility to record similar animation for entering the vehicle for instance but with higher/lower stepover and maybe i little wider/narrower arm span.

Little and easy to use mini-editor for animation tweaking could be good to enhance quality of modders work and would shorten the time of developing the project.


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Similar to this system would be a wonderful tool i think:

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BIS PLEASE, just shade rig and tool for 3d Max :)

with simple editor like this it could be possible to create animations not only for the characters but also objects. Would be possible to make decent vegetation animations for bushes and tree branches, maybe even every leaf to move after explosion or when wind occur.

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