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Environment sounds cease upon entering certain vehicles
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Environmental sounds (wind, insects, etc.) cease to play upon entering an open-air vehicle such as an ATV or Offroad in first person. Sounds play in third person view.
These vehicles are open to the environment, so environmental sounds should still be heard.


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Place an empty ATV, Offroad, or other vehicle with crew/cargo compartments open to the environment anywhere in the editor (Kamino Firing Range was where I first noticed this). Notice environmental sounds playing before entering a vehicle. Enter a vehicle then switch from first person to third person and note the presence/absence of environmental sounds.

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If you could include a video demonstration or something, it'd be really helpful.

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Confirmed, upvoted and already reported.

I would need to find and install a free video capture program, learn how to use it, then learn how to upload the video for viewing.

This issue is extremely easy to reproduce in the editor.

I did a search for this issue or something similar to it, but didn't turn up anything. I may not have searched correctly.
Do you know the ticket number for the previous upload?

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Duplicate of 0004411. Moderator, please close this issue.

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The day everyone starts searching before posting, I'm gonna throw a party...