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The calm before the storm, IS the storm
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I find it very upsetting that the weather system in Arma3 and previous arma games is so candid. I live in Scotland where the worst weather we usually get is high winds and even at that it can get pretty crazy.

Nowhere on earth is safe from the wrath of mother nature and i dont think a near-future battlefield would be either.

This i feel is both an Issue and a HEAVY Suggestion for the games development team to consider.

Extreme weather that actually "feels" intense can change things up so much for instance its standard practice for most western military's to bar helicopter and less-than-powerful jets from operating in storms but it has been done in the past where they use storms to their advantage.

Picture this, Bluefor Ghosthawk is coming in with a team of infiltrators at 1 in the morning over stratis. Guards on the island are under siege from a furious storm clogging vision and impeding hearing. The high winds throw the ghosthawk about and the pilot battles not against his foe but against nature. The mission depends on a safe landing more than anything else.

Now picture the team has landed but the chopper threw a rotor blade in the emergency landing, everybody is groggy and a little injured but the mission must go on. Need i say more? the immersion that comes from such a trial is massive!


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Max out the weather systems and have a drive/fly around stratis, its boring.

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The weather system at the moment is purely aesthetic and serves virtually no purpose in the game. High winds to little to impare air travel and monsune's dont have much affect on AI or player.

Its worth looking into a more immersive and threatening weather system

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Agreed. Weather has always been lackluster in the Arma series. Those clouds sure do look pretty, though.

proper wind effect on evironment could enhance it alot

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