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Ingame 'Squad Management' user interface.
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Allow players to create, join or leave a squad from an ingame interface.

Please read this forum thread for more info:

The ability to form squads ingame is great feature for both PvP and coop play.


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Flexibility is the way of ArmA

Don't think it's necessary. Mission makers can scipt it if they feel their mission needs it.

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True. The use of a Squad Interface depends on a mission makers intent.

The idea is to have a polished, standardized UI any mission maker could employ.

--without the need for a @mod download, as with the shack-tak hud, or advanced scripting skills.

Look at it as a useful tool for mission makers and server admins.

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It is a very important feature imo, since it allows you to know precisely that the people in your squad do want to receive and follow orders and not there by accident.

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This is also the most missed feature without a doubt for me.
If you cant form groups (in game), the group channel is pretty useless, and spamming side channel is not an option for every little thing. Which result in less teamwork.

Some cool features of a Squad UI would include:

-Name/title a squad allow people to form-up by language/type/function, etc, ex:"Helo crew, Polish, need mic".
An easy way for people to organize, ingame, on the fly.

-assign fireteams [hud]

-Tag players [hud]: handy feature for buddy-teams, fireteam leaders, etc.

-Kick player and lock squad: squad leaders can kick problem players and limit the size of the squad.

-See players class/loadout, as in AT, medic, mg gunner, etc., and crew postions, as in driver, gunner, commander.

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If there is no revive in the mission it's useless because sometimes the mission marker want to lead the player with waypoints(JOIN, JOIN AND LEAD). Like in the campaign.

I think the way is to make it optional through the description.ext or via ingame module. The mission editor could decide that want to use in the mission or not.