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Separate Keys for Various Throw Items
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Distinct keybindings for each of the various throw items, or at least a separate keybinding for throwing a frag grenade to portray the IRL seriousness of throwing a frag.


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Grenades system will be reworked...

What if you have multiple types of smoke/frag grenades?

Impossible, your system can't handle a lot of things, including change of grenade type.
Multiple frag grenade type and multiple smoke color/type like Wallside say but also chemlight and other object like this.
If you want it to be more safe use G for change grenade type and CTRL or what modifier you want + G for throw it.

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you want 1 bind to frag and another bind to smoke? what's next, quick knifing and killstreaks?

the aim is to be able to throw either 1 instantly without having to switch between them so that you know if i press g i will toss smoke and if i press cntrl+g i will toss a frag. to avoid having to check which 1 you have active.

dr death IRL you 1 - would store smoke grenades differently on your body to frag grenades and 2 - would be able to feel which 1 was in your hand by the shape so you would be able to instantly and without thinking, throw the 1 you want. your argument that this would make the game faster and more fluid is inflammatory and redundant.

Nicolii added a subscriber: Nicolii.May 7 2016, 3:17 PM

Although I don't agree with how the creator of this ticket has worded it, it would be nice to be able to shortcut keys to the different types of thrown objects.

To be able to do that would be great for the people with TrackIR or macro keys on their keyboards, or even just replace keys you never use and have then as throw grenade/smoke/chem-light/etc.

i will again ask people to reconsider their votes as i have just thrown 3 smokes when i intended to throw frag grenades and am certain that there should be separate keybindings for the throwing of frag grenades given the high pace of situations typically calling for frag it is simply a higher same priority item compared to chemlights, flares, smoke grenades, etc

@Dr death your input is assinine as usual

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