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Watch (on the left wrist) showing up on the right side of the screen
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I was surpised to see the Watch window show up on the right side the screen (even right of the compass). Checked the solders wrist using free look and there it was, on the left wrist.


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As far as I am aware there are only 2 units who have visible watches on their wrist, the range-master and the competitor, no one else has visible watches on their wrist, not even civilians when equipped with one.

If you took your watch off your left wrist to protect it and to avoid reflections from sunlight on the face giving you position away, you would more than likely put it in you left top pocket (inner or outer) with your right hand, you would then thus reach into that pocket with your right hand to view it, so it would appear right of centre, the argument of putting it in a top right pocket would be moot as it would then be close to or touching the stock when firing unless it was a left-handed person who would have their watch most likely on their right wrist and do things directly opposite.

But a fail to see whatever side of the screen it’s on where there is a problem, if most of the units don’t have visible watches on their wrists which surly from a merit point of view would be A: more important, and B: would fundamentally dictate the likely side of the screen for the majority.

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Too trivial.