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[ Requesting ] a Selectable Level of Wounds from No Blood to a Realistic Wounding System
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ARMA need to progress on the Wounding System which is actually not realistic at all. And no SIMULATION without realistics things. According from the player choice, and with problems of ethics in different country, we need to be able to choose a much more Realistic Wounding System. Many WAR games which are really more ARCADE than ARMA got better wounds visually, and ARMA is a SIMULATION and has to stay like that, but is less realistic for wounds. So I suggest different level of wounds to improve ARMA in the way that it has to be, a REALISTIC SIMULATION. For countries where gore is a problem, the solution is to ACTIVATE an extented option for Wounds to enhance the capabilities from STEAM or BI website, they can know where is the player so no problem, maybe with a parental code. It's really need to be done as it was expected from ARMA since many years. To see some ARCADE games more realistics than ARMA on some points is disappointing. I RESPECT those who don't want this feature because of gore things, but for many others players who like ARMA to really SIMULATE WAR and have UNREALISTICS WOUNDS it's not possible. No WAR SIMULATION without REALISTICS WOUNDS, and BI claims for " THE ULTIMATE MILITARY SIMULATION", ARMA 3 "THIS IS WAR". In MP like it is actually, you can see clearly medics ( not serious people ) who just want to have the better skill always away instead of doing their job. Medic could be a really important in a team, and with a incapacited soldier and no just a dead body, a new mission, to defend the team member against the enemies, before than a medevac arrives.

There's no mad people who only like to see death or horror but it's like that, SIMULATE THE REALITY, it's not REAL, and they like ARMA for SIMULATION and not as an ARCADE game. VBS the MILITARY version has this feature, but again anothers WAR games more ARCADE than ARMA got better wounds visually, it's not just a MILITARY usage. This game is for adults, or it has to be with the enhanced wounding system ( parental code ). Really need to be present in VANILLA version, not as a mod very buggy. It's not gore for GORE but for REALISM.

To comply with everybody, I suggest 3 Levels for the Wounding System:

   In the main game:

1- Realistic Blood Loss : a enhance System of Blood, more realistic with the loss of blood when wounded. Like actually in A3 can set blood ON or OFF.

   In the extended option for Wounds:

2- Realistics Wounds : a more realistic Wounding System with realistics Blood Splatters and a more accurate Medic System, with Level 1; realistics wounds : hitpoint detection of vitals organs and skeleton for bones break, burns, dismemberment, decapitation and more... Like in real life, not ARCADE.

3- Realistics Medic : a more realistic Medic System, with Level 1 an 2; a much more accurate system to treat injuried soldiers.
See ticket 0003002 for Realistic Wounding System.

SP : set as you want, need to ACTIVATE extended options for Wounds if you want it.

MP : chose servers with content you want. Need to ACTIVATE extended options for Wounds to join a server with an extended option for Wounds.

It´s the only way to make everybody happy! Like with difficulty settings, really need Wounds settings.

I love ARMA 3 so PLEASE BI do your best to do it, to really have THE ULTIMATE MILITARY SIMULATION. Or at least give us the opportunity with a DLC.


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A game like Red Orchestra 2 got better visual wounds, not very realistics but with VBS 2 2.0 it's possible to BIS to do better!
For those who want to downvote please to comment, thank you for reading.

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I like the idea, but it seems a bit much to ask at this point in the game, it seems that theyd have to completely rework the way a lot of the game works to do that, or how weapons worked at least...

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Agreed with delta062, it would require a lot of work.

So why BI will work with guys like you? If everybody say that they don't have to...

+1 Plutoto and damn both other ?
Are you never see a game adding feature AFTER it was release ?
No one force it to be release FOR the final version and also it is an IMPORTANT thing, cause the actual unrealistic wounding system that simply destroy the game balance is stupid for a simulation/realistic game.

Problem that people downvote cause they don't really want that the game really progress, the game has to go in their way. But it doesn't matter if they can choose, poors stupids guys... They RESPECT nothing just them.

It is possible to attach this issue with issue 0003002 ?

Some people would like it but i dont. A realistic wounding system is to much for me at all means if arma would be realistic to its core i doubt many would play it

But if you can select it, there's no reason to downvote.

@Kumaeda, have you read my ticket?

I didnt vote yet. But i dont see the advantage of some sort of selection.Either you do it this way or that way. Giving many ways will mean each server might have to run in a specific mode as modes might not be compatible with each other gameplay wise. In general there shoulndt be more than2 modes if needed. Everything else is to complicated and means extra work for devs.

Maybe we can reduce to 3 options, but I just suggest;

1-blood loss
2-Realistics wounds
3-Realistic medic

2 and 3 has to be an option not present in game for question of rating and ethic.
But 2 and 3 maybe has to be together for only 2 options, but some maybe don't want an advanced medic system.

Give me your idea, maybe I will change my ticket.
It was to match all the desires.

Three levels are actually okay.

Okay so I will change my ticket, thanks for your feedback...

It's ready with 3 levels now, give me your comment...

Hell yes, it will make playing a medic actually enjoyable rather than a rifleman just being able to do more healing.

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[same note from]

team leader
anti tank
machine gunner
combat medic

This is what a fireteam is made of.

Medics need a challenge, something a little more that "right click that guy but if you cant do it no problem someone else will do".

As it is now, ACE mod is even too much vanilla to me. List button, perform checkup, already find all symptoms and cure to apply, you dont even need to be a medic in order to heal someone...

A combat medic is a specialist and his competences cannot be replicated by someone without proper specific education. Who says no one would be interested to play such a role is talking about himself and the stone in his pocket. The strategic role of a CM inside a squad is invaluable if his skills are precious and scarce to obtain.

Of course the real role of a combat medic is to stabilize the wounded in order to send them to a hospital ASAP, not patch them so that they can pick their rifle up again and shoot as nothing has happened. As a CM it happened to resuscitate the same player up to 7 times one after the other. But in a mission, in a proper arma environment (= no casuals, no kids, no ramboids) , CM certainly have an important place.

Besides, i always presumed that A3 would have been better than A2 + ACE + ACRE. Even though im sadly adjusting my expectations, i would really hate if something as important as a wounding system like ACE's wouldnt be there from the get go.

Regarding gore, i dont mind, im not that interested. It would be interesting if there would be a hitbox mechanic that would show the interested wounded part (like a arm so that you would see blood splattering from that arm and not anywhere else, with maybe the ragdoll holding his arm fo the pain), but im not too much into flying limbs.

And that's all at your honor, this ticket is exactly to choose a little more for what you expect with such a system like that. You're here too to give the way, if you want no gore with advanced medic system no prob for me, but it's a little amazing to have advanced wounds without visual impact in game, anyway.

What do you think @Maffa, do I have to change a little bit my ticket for an option for gore? Your feedback is important! Nothing is written in the rock, and hope that the game will advance on this subject.

I love this game and BIS since OFP but A3 is a little limited for this, too much walls to move on, and no answers from devs. I really want an advanced system, and that everybody find what he wants, for the release or after with patches, DLC or a separate sandbox, free or not...

Maffa added a comment.Aug 5 2013, 11:39 PM

plutoto you give me too much credit here :)

my "gore" reference is the choice made for Sniper Elite 2. That is just gore for gore's sake. I wouldnt want that kind of ogrish experience. I would also refrain for bowels or limbs going all around. But this is my taste. I wouldnt apply "gore" (as in "realism applied to human organism") if it results in death or final incapacitation. That would be only sadistic satisfaction, and i honestly cannot say i pursue this kind of "fun". I know this is war, but my personal pursuit in ARMA is not the feeling you get in "war". Im much more on the softair side (with explosion, granted :D ). I am okay if gore has an utilitaristic function, intead, as a way for a combat medic to understand the simptoms to be cured. In fact, as far as a new wounding system is concerned, id be more focuse on immediate symptom of wounds on the body: a chest wound is different from a arm wound.

ACE wounding system (for all those doesnt know how it is) have the wounded with simply blood smears over his uniform. The only visible effect of a wound on a soldier if he get hits on his legs because he will only be able to crawl. And of course there is the passing out. The medic would go up close and perform a diagnosis, where a dialog box will tell you what the symptoms are: bleeding, heavy bleeding, in pain, passed out. For each of these symptoms there is a cure: bandages, compresses, morphine and epinephrine (i.e. adrenaline). This is pretty straightforward. Other interventions can do is CPR (which will extent the countdown before a player bleeds out) and First Aid with a medkit that despite the name comes after all those action from before (if you dont perform first id the wounded character will bitch and moan as if he were wounded). Anyone can perform these tasks, but usually CMs will stock up with bandages and shots in order to have plenty for everyone. All in all, the job of a combat medic is:

-gearing up correctly (take ten of each bandage compress morphine epinephrine medkits)
-learn how to press the "menu" key (the one between right win key and right ctrl" ey)

  • learn this sequence by heart: treat bleeding - treat pain - treat faint - first aid
  • dont get shot

this is it. Combat medics are such because they behave as such. No particular skill but they behave as the last line of safety for the squad.

To me this is level 1 (being level 0 the magic asterisk).

What id like is something more challenging. No magic diagnosis. I would like ragdolls would show the hit part (holding their arms, pressing their chests and so on, limping or crawling) and, if we would like to make it even more complicated (and id like to) have some more variety to healing (turniquets, salts, splints, OPAs, saline shots, etc.)

But i'd say id be satisfied if ACE wounding system would be implemented "as is", really, with its ruough hitbox and all. Anything but the asterisk.

"Your feedback is important!" (Everybody). For me gore as to be put only with realistics systems like medic to limit crazy players with this, no just visual gore but realism. And I'm OK to deal with an option for gore. Those want to play with gore have to play with realism and maybe with higher game level, I don't want players from arcade games to do nothing just for their own or just look at the horror of war, it's virtual but it's ARMA, a simulation. But no prob for me for an option for visual gore. Differents servers with players with differents tastes, there's DayZ and Wasteland, bit for me only ARMA, with players who want to play together or to play in SP. That's why we need options to make it possible, too much differents tastes, but one game.

I would like to see a better wounding system. ACE did it better than the normal game, but this doesnt mean it did it pretty good. It was OK but in A3 I would like to see it even more realistic. It would be awsome if - when you step on a mine - your leg or the arm would blown off and you are forced to call a MEDEVAC. But I dont think that many players would like it, so the chance that BIS will do this is quite low.
/voted Up ^^

I'm ready to pay for an extension if it's too much difficult for BIS with rating and ethic, I'm sure that can be a succes. More work for BIS but more money. We are many who want this so maybe it's the best idea. It's possible if they want.

Maffa added a comment.Aug 5 2013, 11:55 PM

sincerely, i wouldnt.

They knew what ACE wounding system was capable of in A2.

Having hit boxes or not it's the difference between a good simulation and a so-so arcade. Even world of tanks and mechwarrior online have hitboxes, and they are free to play.

As i said, i expected them to include ACE into the game as a starting point, even if i had to bear with all the scifi ghost recon BS they are making up; instead it seems i will have to resort to modders again in order to have a simulation to play.

I'm ok with mods but only if BIS open a little the engine or give the tools to do it. But honestly as good as ACE is, it's really buggy, always need to debug it, it's not really playable if it's happen in action. Sure that's ACE give lot of realistics features, maybe not enough. Modders make a really good stuff but they need the help from BIS to do it well. Sure that I prefer that it's stay free but BIS is a little team and they work on many projects. I prefer that they do the job well, BIS or modders. We have solutions, but what BIS really want?

Maffa added a comment.Aug 6 2013, 12:36 AM

sincerely i never understood why people would play with 1.14 if the last stable is 1.13... never got any issue with it.

but then again, bugs on an already developed environment would have been easier to implement than totally ignoring the issue.

i am afraid that they aim to water down the hard core part of the game to appeal CODders and BFers, without realising that while its all to see if they can steal away new people from such blockbusters its sure as hell that they will lose their own HC fans.

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1+ We need this.