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Better recoil compensation system
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Weapon attachments should decrease the recoil (suppressors, grenade launchers, etc.). This would probably affect the smaller weapons more than larger rifles. Maybe add recoil compensators as a new attachment?


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A lazer does not decrease recoil in real life... And neither do sights...

Well, there is some point to it. Weapon attachments add mass, thereby reducing *felt* recoil and amount of aim drift. However, this also means the weapon is harder to handle.
But - for 200g laser sight compared to 5kg rifle this is negligible. Unless you're talking about Beta-C mags...

Exactly. In some cases, suppressors on sidearms can reduce recoil (I think). A fully-kitted-up weapon should have some recoil reduction.

Yeah, I was not even talking about foregrips/recoil compensators. Although, the ticket description needs to be clarified a lot.

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Good propose, silencer, GL launcher, handgrip, flashlight decrease recoil!

Confirmed by real life

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