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Please implement flexible antennas on vehicles!
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I think it's very important for the whole atmosphere and for the authenticity of game physics to have flexible antennas on vehicles!

Vehicles with motionless antennas are like vehicles without shadows - in motion it looks completely absurd.

Thanks for all your good work - but please don't forget the antennas!


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Great propose, +1
Solution: Use PhysX

Whew kids these days sure lack imagination. I would never have noticed antennas. So besides this comment I'm staying out of it.

If you prefer to focus on your imagination then simply turn off the additional physx in video options. Won't harm you and those that wish to have these.

BTW. there are two tickets on this and that is not good because it draw back attention from each other.

Like I said, I didn't vote because I don't care. It won't harm you.

i didn't care much either but media did fly high with "ArmA 3 physx will be awesome". So it would be better to add this as option for additional physx so none will say that game stay behind games from 2010 when it comes to effects.

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Duplicate of #8752.