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Player unit retains character profile cosmetic settings
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All cosmetic setting preferences chosen for a player profile is retained in a single player/mission editor setting.

This can be immersion breaking, seeing a pasty red-head with diver goggles behaving as a legitimate member of the Iranian military. This can also place unwanted items in a players inventory (like tactical glasses, for instance).


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Make a noticeable profile character, and make several editor playthroughs through every faction once. To paraphrase from user AD2001, it seems that the player character's faction does not override profile settings.

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This ticket has gone through several edit's and re-edits while I was getting to the bottom of the problem. I apologize in advance to any of the viewers or administrators who might suffer some confusion with this ticket.

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It's because you picked tactical glasses in the profile menu.

A faction should override the profile settings.

Ah! And you are correct! It even retains the facial features as well. Would be very odd to see a person of Chinese descent as an Iranian combatant. I will again update this ticket, thanks to your clarification!

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