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Zamak driver sits too high
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The driver has its head too high in the Zamak truck (both versions) so he's not able to see directly to his sides from inside the truck. See screenshot and reference.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start sandbox and put player in Zamak truck
  2. Using first person view, free look to your left.
  3. Observe that you cannot see incoming traffic (safety hazard!), you can only see to the left at a downward angle.
Additional Information

In this reference photo of a Kamaz truck (assuming you renamed Kamaz to Zamak in the game), you can see that the drivers eye level is just below the upper edge of the left side window. He should be able to see to his left.
At the very least, he is able to move his head around so he can see better, this is not possible in Arma so it's important that the viewport is at the right height to begin with.

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