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Artillery Computer UI Bug (closed)
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There is a problem with the artillery computer distances.

(medium) - should be (close)

(far) - should be (medium)

(close) - should be (far)


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All three ranges are correct for me on all 4 mortars (blue, red, green and empty)

The mortars have an inner and an outer circle denoting minimum and maximum range, you have to be zoomed out from the artillery computer map to be able to see the outer range circles especially on medium and far, the right hand margin has “dist” which is how far your curser is from the mortar and Min & Max which are the relevant range limits which are shown correctly on your images, so you just need to zoom out.

Min & Max range:
Close = >34m <499m
Medium = >139m <1998m
Far = >284m <4078m

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oh ye my fault -.- thx

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.