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M320 Sniper rifle animation is wrong.
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Ingame the M320 operates as a semi automatic, but if you look at the rifle and its reload animation you can is its a action bolt weapon. The bolt is even "locked" in place at the end of the animation.

You would fire, absorb the recoil, then move your trigger arm to operate the action bolt ejecting the casing and moving another into the chamber from the mag.

This would obviously take allot more time than it currently dose ingame and it would not be confused with a semi.

Look at the picture and ask yourself if that looks recoil operated? Were would the "power" for pushing the bolt back even come from?

If the A3 weapon is based on the Cheytac its wiki page also states its a bolt action.
(Info box on the left at the bottom. At the line "Action: Bolt action.")


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Use the M320, go into 3rd person to view the weapon and fire it. You will see the action bolt move the moment you fire. Then reload and see the action bolt being "locked" into place. No way a recoil based semi automatic weapon would be made like that.

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One could add a arm animation on the bolt a second after fire making it visually perfect and slowing down refire to a action bolt speed.

Or maybe do like Iron Front 1944. Were the shot is fired and slightly after firing the action bolt animation goes by it self and loads a shot.

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Yeah come on BIS, its time to add in animations for bolt rifles.

i don't understand why the M320 is semi auto now i mean before you had a delay of at least 1 sec between shots, now you can fire as fast as you want