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The collimator sights need a relook
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Collimator sights first off are super kool looking and one usually wants one for that reason alone.They also have a big advantage in that you can move your head around and the reticule will always be on target making for easier targeting.But in Arma3 the irons sights are better due to a few reasons that I hope will be looked into.This is in reference to the EOtech and ACO sights mainly as I do not get this from the dual purpose sights.

First is that the reticule has a glow around it and does not appear crisp but rather blurred out while irons sights are a crisp dot you place on target.Second is the glass is a bit too dirty making for even more detrimental blur effect to targeting.


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Place an Opfor recon soldier in editor and fire a few shots with the EOtech and then remove the scope and fire with iron sights only.

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Now from the many pics I have seen online for the EOtech it varies in that some are blurry and some are crisp.But the advantage that a collimator sight gives is not modeled in Arma3 so I feel that the collimator sights lose points and make irons sighting preferred.

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