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Armor Gunner sound inside, unreal.
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When inside a armored vehicle the gun fire dosent sound the same as outside.
Its more muffled. Secondly, while not all armored vehicles ejected their coax (7,62 machine gun) casings outside the vehicle they dont fall the the ground inside ether.

The gun sounds for gunners sounds like they are shooting it in the open and for the coax it sounds like the casings, you dont really hear, are falling to the "Earth" ground and are not collected in a box inside the vehicle


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Get into a closed armored vehicle and start shooting in 1st person / optics view.

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Could probably be fixed with some sound muffling filters on the main gun sounds.

On the coax sounds you could do similar, but for the casings I would just argue removing the sound of them dropping to the ground.

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